24. Oktober 2020
The move to SAP S/4HANA is complex. SAP responsibles therefore fear the risks of cutover! And indeed: With a conventional migration, there is a risk of a massive impact on business. In this article I explain how a minimally invasive transition to S/4 can be achieved with maximum process continuity.
08. Juli 2020
What does my SAP ERP reality look like under SAP S/4 HANA? Only the practical test in an close to reality sandbox can give a tangible answer. At this year's DIGITAL ONE.CON 2020, I talked (in German) about possible ways to get to this sandbox system.
01. Juli 2020
My Interview at the Digital ONE.CON 2020.
11. Februar 2020
I believe that the transitions to SAP S/4HANA must be individually tailored. Selective Data Transition is the way to do that.
10. März 2019
What does my ERP reality look like under S/4HANA? Will my old business processes and data structures fit into the new SAP world at all? Only the practical real test provides tangible answers - in the new S/4 Playground.
07. Dezember 2018
Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things (IoT) will change the future of our consumer goods like washing machines. We will need a digital backbone to stay in control. Blockchain technologies could be the key.
06. Juni 2018
SAP today announced the launch of the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain. This will boost Blockchain adoption in the business world!
17. Mai 2018
In the current issue (May) of E-3 Magazine a success story about one of my last projects was published.
07. März 2018
The omnipresent coverage of Bitcoin's volatility, spectacular ICOs and the latest hacks from cryptocurrency exchanges can lead to overlooking the core promise of blockchain technology: The revolution in the way we transfer values on the Internet.
22. Februar 2018
My first techtag article on Blockchain.

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